Media Relations

At Ninex we welcome media inquiries regarding our Technology, Systems and Services as well as requests for expert commentary and analysis regarding Active Shooter Active Assailant Events.

Due to the nature of services and systems we provide, we do not disclose the locations and/or the type of services and systems we have deployed. We will be glad to answer general questions regarding our Technology, Systems and Services.

Please submit your request for information or interviews contact David R. Thompson

Press Release

Active Shooter tracking can assists Law-Enforcement when responding
AUSTIN, TX July 14, 2021 - With the increase in mass shootings around the country, Ninex, has now added Active Shooter tracking technology to their ThreatWatch System providing enhanced law-enforcement response...
Identifying criminals with facial recognition technology
AUSTIN, TX June 4, 2020 - Ninex is providing Law Enforcement Agencies it's facial recognition technology free of charge to identify looters and arsonists in recent civil unrest.
Mass shootings are expected to pass 300 this month.
AUSTIN, TX June 3, 2019 - Active shooter events are on the increase, they can happen anywhere, any place, and at any time, with little to no warning. Recent Active Shooter events are...
Schools increase security fearing copycat shooter
AUSTIN, TX February 11, 2019 - As the first anniversary of the Parkland High School shootings approaches a real fear exists that someone, somewhere will emulate Parkland mass shooting to gain...