Working behind the scenes to mitigate threats, risks, and issues

Today’s Security & Safety threats, risks,
and issues come in many forms

Before anyone ever heard of COVID-19, the number one threat facing the general public was an active shooter, active assailant or a domestic terror attack. Ninex Advisory and Managed Security Services through our Threat Reduction Group can provide your organization with a team of dedicated security professionals with decades of experience working behind the scenes to identify and mitigate internal and external threats, risks, and issues.

Ninex Advisory Services provides a wide range of forward thinking security and safety analysis to identify threats, risks, and issues that can impact an organization's, operations, assets, and personnel. Ninex Managed Services can oversee an organization's security and safety programs, protection systems, and provide ongoing security and safety training.

The advisory and managed security and safety services depicted in this section are just some of the services we offer.

Site Vulnerability Assessments
Identifying your vulnerability
is the first step

Every business, industry and governmental agency has its own set of safety and security concerns. Ninex site vulnerability assessments are designed to identify potential safety and security issues related to physical security, perimeter integrity, personnel and visitor security, company operations, and existing protection systems.

Ninex security consultants will analyze and evaluate all aspects of an organization's security and safety issues and develop a detailed report, as well as an executive summary, listing deficiencies and best practice recommendations on how to mitigate risk while improving security and safety.

Protection Systems Analysis
Does your security & safety
systems function correctly

Organizations that rely upon a protection system to protect their people, property, operations and assets, often find out after a critical incident their system did not perform as they thought it would.

Ninex can perform an independent inspection and testing of an organization's protection systems. We conduct a visual inspection and test all detection and notification devices to determine proper installation, coverage and signal processing time. Any deficiencies are documented and corrective recommendations are suggested to ensure full system functionality, while meeting regulatory compliance requirements.

Security Audit & Review
Are your security policies worth
the paper it's written on

An organization's security measures are of little use if they are not enforced. Ninex’s security audit and review is designed to determine how effectively an organization's security policies are being implemented. Whether violations are occurring because of carelessness, forgetfulness or for the sake of convenience, all can impact your organization's security.

Ninex security audit can uncover where weaknesses and security gaps exist throughout an organization, what issues are driving noncompliance, thus helping to establish an effective security program and also strengthen your internal controls.

Incident Response Plans

Emergency situations occur when you least expect them

No matter the size of an organization, events like an active shooter, violent intruder, bomb threat, fire, or severe weather situation can have a direct impact on employees and operations.

Ninex Incident Response Plans provide clear step-by-step instructions on how to deal with and respond to these and other security threats or safety issues.

Active Shooter Training

For The Real-World

An active shooter event can happen anywhere, with little to no warning. Unfortunately very few schools, businesses, places of worship, or retail establishments, have ever trained for such an event, this lack of training that can delay the right response, often resulting in additional casualties and loss of life.

Ninex on-site active shooter training goes beyond traditional training like Run-Hide-Fight, ALERRT or CRASE, and can provide your employees with real-world lifesaving information and techniques on what to do before, during, and after an active shooter event.

Ninex on-line interactive training is a effective way to provide training to hundreds or thousands of employees. Participants will watch a series of videos and then immediately interact with those videos learning the right decisions to make based on the threat. Participants can start and stop the training and upon completion test results are available and can be printed for company records.

Used by organizations, hospitals, schools, government agencies and places of worship, to provide training to employees, managers, leadership, security and front line personnel,

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This is exactly what I've been looking for, a training program that really delivers the information my employees need during an active shooter event.

Jane P.   Director of Corporate Security

The production quality, attention to detail, and information, is spot on and something that every organization no matter what size should have every employee watch.

Sam W.   Security and Safety Manager

Victim Sustainability

It's far from over

The sirens are getting louder and help is on its way, but for anyone that has been shot it may be too late, unless they receive care immediately. A person can bleed to death in less than 5 minutes, therefore it is imperative to stop the bleeding.

The first priority for responding law enforcement is to find and stop the shooter, all other actions are secondary, including rendering medical aid. Therefore it is up to your employees to render aid until medical personnel are able to enter the building.

Ninex Victim Sustainability Trauma Kits contain life-saving medical supplies specifically designed to deal with gunshot victims that can be strategically placed throughout your facility. Ninex can also provide your employees with the life-saving training on victim sustainability.

Behavioral Threat Assessment
Motive, Means & Opportunity

When an employee exhibits troubling behavior it should not be ignored. Ninex through our strategic partners can conduct a behavioral threat assessment on a troubled employee. These assessments are designed to assess the likelihood of violent behavior and whether the person has the intent, and means, to carry it out.

High-Risk Terminations
Hostility & Violence

The termination of an employee can be a stressful event, especially if it involves an employee that has made threats involving violence against others. Ninex security personnel can assist during the termination process and after, including protection to managers, staff or family members concerned about retaliation.

Knowing the warning signs
can save lives

Federal Bureau of investigation

Mass shooting events are not spontaneous, they are often well-planned out weeks or months in advance, and in many cases the shooter will engage in behaviors that can signal impending violence. While some of these behaviors are intentionally concealed, others are observable and if recognized and reported it may help prevent an attack

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) published a report on pre-attack behaviors of an active shooter. This report evaluated 63 mass shooting events that occurred between 2000 and 2013 and provides statistical information relevant to those attacks.

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Searching for the next threat

After every mass shooting or other types of high impact events, law enforcement agencies discovered that there were warning signs posted on blogs, forums, or other types of social media platforms, but were not notified until it was too late.

Utilizing the latest in social media monitoring, millions of words and phrases can be scanned and analyzed from hundreds of open source, structured and unstructured data feeds, identifying potential threats, providing security personnel and/or law enforcement the ability to intervene.

Ninex through our strategic partner can provide this service to selected organizations.

We are here and ready to help

At Ninex we understand that the services we offer are not something that any business, school, place of worship, or any other type of organization really wants to think about, but it's something they need to be prepared for.

For additional information on the systems and services we provide, or to schedule a free on-site security review, or product demonstration contact us today. For immediate assistance please call 1-877-500-7060.

Whatever the mission may be, from protecting a corporate headquarters to a school or university, place of worship, manufacturing facility, shopping mall or government office, Ninex will be there, out front, ready to meet tomorrow’s security challenges... today.