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COVID-19 is not the only thing everyone
need to worry about

For the past year the world has been focused on COVID-19. Although a vaccine is now being distributed across the country, thousands of people are still getting infected every day, and even after everyone gets vaccinated COVID-19 will remain a public health issue.

While Ninex offers systems, software and technology through Ninex Systems Group to help mitigate the threat of COVID-19, we have never stopped working behind the scenes to help our clients mitigate the threat of an active shooter, active assailant or domestic terror attack, utilizing the latest in systems, software and technology.

As society tries to get back to normal one thing is certain, mass shootings and other types of violent crime will continue and there is no vaccine that will prevent it from spreading. The systems, software, and technology depicted in this section are just some of the solutions we offer to mitigate the threat of an active shooter or active assailant, in conjunction with our Advisory and Manage Security Services offer through our Threat Reduction Group.

Mass Shootings in the United States the past 5 years











Aggressive Detection

It's not what was said but how it's heard

Physical violence comes in many forms, but it often starts with a verbal confrontation. Utilizing the latest in audio analytic technology, Ninex Audio Sensors are designed to continuously listen for specific sound characteristics related to anger or fear, like the pitch, echo effect, and tempo emanating from an individual's voice.

Upon detection sounds are processed within the systems internal database for confirmation. If a valid threat is detected, an alert can be sent to security personnel. Ninex Audio Sensors can also be integrated into most video management systems to deliver live video images of the confrontation to assist security personnel in their response.

Gunshot Detection

Was that a firecracker

The ability to determine the difference between a firecracker and a gunshot is virtually impossible, to the average person. Utilizing the latest in gunshot detection technology, Ninex Gunshot Detection Sensors continuously listen for the sound of gun fire within a school, university, manufacturing facility, shopping mall, hospital, government agency, or any business that has four walls and a ceiling.

When a gun is fired the sound is captured by the sensor, activating our EmergeAlert Notification System notifying law enforcement, while simultaneously issuing a visual and audible emergency alert with instructions to everyone on the location of the gunshot and actions they should take.

Weapon Detection

Detecting a threat before it becomes one

Today's advancements in artificial intelligence technology makes it possible to detect a person with a gun before a shot is fired. Utilizing an organization's existing perimeter or interior security cameras, Ninex ThreatWatch System can automatically detect an individual with a visible gun, and other types of weapons.

Upon detection Ninex ThreatWatch System when integrated into Ninex EmergeAlert System can immediately notify law enforcement, close and lock designated doors, while simultaneously providing a visual and audible alert throughout an entire organization with vital instructions on exactly what actions should be taken based on the location of the threat. Ninex ThreatWatch System can also provide live video images to responding law enforcement with critical information on the description and location of the threat.

Not all threats involve a gun

Ninex ThreatWatch System can also detect fights, slips and falls, acts of vandalism, loitering, shoplifting, vehicle accidents and other types of security and safety issues, in around a school, university, place of worship, hospital, shopping mall, government office, or anywhere video surveillance cameras are installed. When an issue is detected images can be instantly sent to a smart phone providing the location of the incident, and the number of individuals involved.

When every Minute Matters

Active Shooter
Medical Emergency
Severe Weather
Critical Incident
Bomb Threat
Chemical Spills

Ninex EmergeAlert Notifies in Seconds

In an emergency, the ability to provide effective alerts and instructions is vital and can determine how many people will live or die. Utilizing an organization's existing IT network and assets, Ninex EmergeAlert can deliver effective emergency alerts and instructions on what actions need to be taken, based on the type of emergency throughout a school, university, medical facility, shopping mall, government office, and all types of organizations.

Ninex EmergeAlert System can be integrated with Ninex ThreatWatch System that can automatically detect an active shooter, close and lock designated doors, notify law enforcement with the location and description of the shooter and number of victims. While simultaneously issuing an active shooter alert to everyone throughout an entire organization all in less than 60 seconds.

Civil Unrest

Chicago, IL

May 31, 2020

Chicago, IL

May 30, 2020

Long Beach, CA

May 31, 2020

Los Angeles, CA

May 31, 2020

Minneapolis, MN

May 27, 2020

Minneapolis, MN

May 27, 2020

Minneapolis, MN

May 30, 2020

Philadelphia, PA

July 28, 2020

New York, NY

June 1 2020

Santa Monica, CA

May 30, 2020

It can happen anywhere, at any time, no city is immune

Today all it takes is an officer-involved shooting to turn a city into a war zone resulting in hundreds of windows smashed, fires set, and businesses looted.

Unfortunately, many Police and/or Sheriff Departments are ill-equipped or forced to stand down due to local political decisions, while businesses are destroyed. Ninex RiotGuard was developed to help deal with the increasing level of civil unrest, across the country.

Ninex RiotGuard is a protective-reactive intrusion detection system, designed to stop looters in their tracks, and can be installed in less than an hour. Upon forced entry into a business Ninex RiotGuard can automatically release a dense fog and chemical agent while high-intensity audible sirens and strobe lights are activated designed to cause disorientation, visual impairment, discomfort, and fear, forcing intruders out of the protected area.

Integrated Security Systems

Utilizing the latest in thermal, seismic, infrared, microwave, analytics and biometric technology, Ninex can design, install, certify, monitor, and service a wide range of traditional security systems that can work independently, or can be integrated into a single system platform.

Utilizing advanced infrared, microwave, and audible sensors, Ninex Intrusion Detection System can provide detection throughout your organization, and can detect an intruder before entry is made.   When a security breach is detected internal counter measures, can automatically be deployed.
Intrusion Detection
Utilizing the latest in biometric technology and intelligent identity cards, Ninex Access Control scanners can provide authentication through eyes, fingerprints or palms, allowing access to predetermined areas according to authorization level, time of day or designated purpose.
Access Control
The ability to know exactly what's going on is vital especially during a critical event like an active shooter. Ninex panoramic 180°, 270°, and 360° cameras deliver clear panoramic images for total situational awareness.
Situational Awareness
Ninex Visitor Management Systems can capture and store relevant information from a driver’s license or other government issued ID, verify credentials, automatically print access badges for specific days, times and areas.
Visitor Management

COVID-19 is still out there

Although a vaccine is now being distributed throughout the country, thousands of people every day are still getting infected. All it takes is just one person infected with COVID-19 to infect dozens of others. Even after everyone has been vaccinated COVID-19 will remain a public health issue, affecting our schools, universities, place of employment, hospitals, shopping malls and government offices.

The challenge is how to continue to provide a safe environment for everyone, whether they're at work, school or in the general public. Ninex TempCon Systems/Software & Ninex Emergency Contact Tracing was developed to help protect everyone from COVID-19 and other types of infectious diseases.

Initial Temperature Screening

Checking the temperature of everyone when they first arrived at work or school does not inshore that they will not have a fever an hour later. Therefore checking the temperature of everyone multiple times a day is imperative.

Ninex TempCon™ System/Software when connected to one of our thermal imaging cameras, can automatically scan up to 15 people per second 900 per minute, looking for anyone with an elevated body temperature of 100.4° or higher as they pass by the camera.

When a person with an elevated temperature is detected, an alert can be instantly sent to your response team members cell phone, with their image, name, and location to initiate additional screening with a FDA approved thermometer to verify the presents of a fever.

Ninex TempCon™ is not a medical device and cannot diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition.

Mobile Alerts

Ninex TempCon™ System can automatically issue various customizable mobile alerts based on the severity of the issue. Temperature alerts can be immediately sent to your response team members cell phone, providing the location of the detection, time and date, the person's name, and their temperature.

Real-Time Compliance Monitoring

Ninex TempCon System/Software connected to your existing security cameras, can provide real-time compliance monitoring without any human interaction and can automatically detect, log and/or notify you when a noncompliance issue occurs; like improper face-mask usage, social distancing issues, and occupancy capacity issues.

Social Distancing
Occupancy Counting
Face-Mask Usage

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Emergency Contact Tracing

All it takes is just one person infected with COVID-19 to unknowingly spread it throughout a school, business, place of worship or government office infecting dozens. Identifying anyone who has had direct contact with the infected person is vital.

Utilizing your security camera recorded video, Ninex TraceCon Software can analyze hundreds of cameras and thousand of hours of recorded video in just minutes, to determine who has had direct contact with an infected person.

Identifying infected individuals

Anyone determined to have had direct contact with an infected person, can be processed through our facial recognition technology software, comparing the captured video image with the images provided of your employees, visitors, vendors, teachers, students and/or staff members.

A report listing all detected at-risk individuals is sent via encrypted email to your designated company and/or school officials, providing the date, location, and the names of all persons identified through our facial recognition technology.

System Deployment

Utilizing our global resources, Ninex, and our strategic partners, can design, develop, and deploy the latest in advanced integrated protection systems.

Every protection system we deploy, follows Ninex installation, compliance and assurance procedures, and undergoes multiple inspections and system testing in a variety of real-world scenarios to insure full system functionality.

No other security company assumes such a comprehensive approach by providing each client with the equipment, training, and service that meets the highest industry standards, and a team of dedicated security professionals who bring insight, expertise and diligence to every project.

We are here and ready to help

At Ninex we understand that the services we offer are not something that any business, school, place of worship, or any other type of organization really wants to think about, but it's something they need to be prepared for.

For additional information on the systems and services we provide, or to schedule a free on-site security review, or product demonstration contact us today. For immediate assistance please call 1-877-500-7060.

Whatever the mission may be, from protecting a corporate headquarters to a school or university, place of worship, manufacturing facility, shopping mall or government office, Ninex will be there, out front, ready to meet tomorrow’s security challenges... today.