It can happen Anywhere, Anytime with little to no warning

Whether it's a school, place of worship, shopping mall, supermarket, or the workplace, a mass shooting can occur anywhere at any time with little to no warning. During the past seven years there have been 3,123 mass shootings in the United States resulting in 3,316 individuals killed and 13,092 injured.

In order to help reduce the number of mass shooting events, it is important to understand the type of person that may carry out these events and why they happen in the first place. Whether it is ideology or politically motivated, or just someone who is looking for revenge or notoriety.

Mass Schootings in the United States the Past 7 Years
Events 336
Killed 369
Injured 1337
Events 382
Killed 453
Injured 1525
Events 348
Killed 441
Injured 1806
Events 336
Killed 372
Injured 1330
Events 417
Killed 465
Injured 1709
Events 611
Killed 513
Injured 2543
Events 693
Killed 703
Injured 2842
Characteristics of a Mass Shooter

Mass shooters come from different races, ages, and genders, but many share similar characteristics

Abusive Behavior

The majority of mass shooters were involved in troubling behavior, including harassment, bullying, abuse, and possible past violence.

Obsession with

Mass shooters often like to buy, build, or study a variety of guns and illegal explosives. They also might have an assorted collection of other weapons like knives, batons, and other military gear.

Often a Loners

Mass shooters usually have an introverted personality. They keep to themselves unless they find someone willing to join their nihilistic cause.

Family Life

Many mass shooters come from dysfunctional home lives that contribute to their violent behavior.

Lack of Morals
or Ethics

Most mass shooters don't have the desire or ability to live ethically and lack a guilty conscience. They might have a history of killing wild animals or even family pets just for fun.

Mass shooters often plan out there attack for 8 days or longer
Mass shooters often prepare for their attack 30 days or less
Mass shooters know and target their victims
Mass shooters takes their own life when Law Enforcement arrives
Stages of a mass shooter

There are five stages virtually every mass shooter goes through

The Warning Signs

Mass shooting events are not spontaneous, they are often well-planned out weeks or months in advance, and in many cases the shooter will engage in behaviors that can signal impending violence. While some of these behaviors are intentionally concealed, others are observable and if recognized and reported it may help prevent an attack.

What to look for

How prepared are organizations for an Active Shooter

The vast majority of organizations across the country recognize the possibility of an active shooter event occurring at their location. However sadly very few of them prepare for such an event. There are many things an organization can do to mitigate the threat of an active shooter or active assailant.

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Only 7%
Have a Active Shooter Plan in place
Only 1%
Have a Active Shooter Notification System
Only 5%
Have provided Active Shooter Response Training

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