Ninex webinars address, discuss and examine new technology, systems and safeguards now available to mitigate today's active shooter and active assailant threats. Our webinars are presented by former law enforcement and federal agents as well as leading professionals and specialists within the security and safety industry.

Learn the Warning Signs Before the Shooting Starts
Most mass shooting events are not spontaneous, they are often well planned out weeks or months in advance. In this webinar we will show you the warning signs.
Learn Multiple Ways to Alert Everyone of the Threat
During an active shooter event Notifying everyone on what actions they need to take based on location of the shooter can save lives.
Detecting a Threat Before it Becomes One
Learn how advanced artificial intelligence technology and an organization's existing security cameras automatically detect a person with the visible gun, and notify law enforcement.
Five Minutes to Live
Since a person can bleed to death in less than five minutes. Therefore it's imperative that employees on scene know what to do to stop somebody from bleeding to death, until EMS arrives.
Deter, Delay, & Defend Against High-Impact Threats
Adding physical safeguards improves chances of surviving multiple active shooter. In this webinar we will demonstrate how they work.
Terminating an Employee Made Threats to Others
In this webinar we will teach you what you need to know before conducting a high-risk termination.